An abundance of floral splendor

2 Visits to Chilliwack’s Sunflower Festival. On the 14th with Hari, on the 19th with a friend.
Can one take too many pictures? Colour, leaves, shapes, buzzing bees….it does not stop. The treats are endless, the colours overwhelming. What a joy.
Food trucks took care of the “basic needs”. The “AmsterDamn Good Food” truck had delicious Dutch snacks.
Watching the other visitors is a lot of fun too. Some come dressed up to the nines, posing for photos with the sunflowers. And the selfies…..
Here is a selection of photos.

August 14, a warm, almost cloudless day.

August 19, a bit cooler, more overcast but still a beautiful day.

About jospalsphotos

amateur photographer who loves to travel
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4 Responses to An abundance of floral splendor

  1. Elmy Rucker says:

    Veel zonnebloemen🌞🌻 Geweldig Elmy

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone


  2. Dank je Elmy. Het was inderdaad geweldig mooi 😊🌻

  3. Leo van den Bergh says:

    Nederland kan jaloers zijn op jullie bloemen, de ene bloem nog mooier dan de andere. Mooie serie, het was weer genieten 🙂

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