Golden Ears Provincial Park, October 28 2017

I wasn’t going to photograph fungi this year but inspired by my brother’s photos I did get the itch again, so off we went, to Golden Ears park. It was a beautiful, sunny day and we definitely weren’t the only ones enjoying the Golden Ears. It was difficult to find a parking spot but with a little bit of patience we succeeded.
We did not spot many fungi. Too late in the season or other reasons? We didn’t know, but we enjoyed the walk, spotting a toadstool/mushroom/fungus here and there.
We enjoyed the fall sunshine at Alouette Lake before walking the trail back, and lo and behold, we saw many more fungi now. They were quite camouflaged and maybe the brighter sun earlier prevented us from spotting them.
Looking back at the photographs one might expect fairies to appear.

About jospalsphotos

amateur photographer who loves to travel
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2 Responses to Golden Ears Provincial Park, October 28 2017

  1. Prachtige serie, de herfst blijft een mooi jaargetijde en de paddenstoelen zijn de pareltjes. Zonnetje en het oog van de fotografe doen de rest. Ik heb genoten van de serie zus😃

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