Fall has arrived

October 12, 2016
A gorgeous, sunny day and a gloomy, wet forecast for the days to come. So out we went, to Golden Ears Provincial Park, Maple Ridge. We do this every year, in search of mushrooms.
Not to eat, but the fun of finding and photographing them. Snakes and mushrooms: I don’t know which ones are poisonous so I stay clear of all of them. And in the case of the not-slithering species: my camera catches them and not me 😉
We drove the 22 km to the parking lot at the end of the road in the park and walked our favourite path towards Alouette Lake. Hari’s job was spotting the mushrooms and I got down on my knees to get as close as I could to see if I could photograph something worthwhile. We had great fun. Once we reached the lake we enjoyed the peace and quiet of  water and beach. Several Inuksuit had been built on the beach so Hari felt compelled to create one as well. Not as easy as it looked!
It was a great day, enjoying nature in the sunshine and letting fantasy overtake reality because for sure, those mushrooms are fairy tale material!
Too bad there are always people who feel they have to vandalize things, even pretty mushrooms.



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4 Responses to Fall has arrived

  1. Elmy Rucker says:

    Mooi, ken je ze bij naam?

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone


  2. wpuserbergh says:

    WOW, zusje is weer creatief geweest. Een prachtige serie is het, maar wat vroeg in het jaar? Wij kijken hier links en rechts aan de weg maar nog geen paddenstoel te bekennen. Is jouw serie echt van dit jaar (ha,ha)

    • Ja, echt! Meestal maken we midden October deze wandeling maar het was zo’n prachtige dag de 12de October, en de voorspellingen voor de komende week was nat, natter en stormachtig, dus we zeiden: we gaan kijken. Als we wat zien dan is dat meegenomen, zo niet, dan wachten we op een volgende redelijke dag.

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