The Netherlands, May 17-June 7 2016

A couple of days to acclimatize, a nature walk, the musical “The Bodyguard” in Utrecht.
That’s how my holidays started out this year.
I didn’t have my camera with me for the nature walk, but thanks to my brother, who would not go anywhere without his camera, I do have some pictures. Thanks Leo 🙂

After a fantastic mini vacation in Sicily, I was ready for more Dutch culture. We visited
‘s Hertogenbosch, the city where I just missed the big Hieronymus Bosch exhibition. But there was still a lot going on, relating to the art of this artist. We visited the “Groot Tuighuis” (also known as the old St. Jacobs church) where one can experience how people lived in ‘s Hertogenbosch in the year 1500 when Hieronymus Bosch painted his works. We followed an art route which brought us in areas of the city where we had never been before. All together an informative and enjoyable day.

Our next cultural visit was to the city of Rotterdam. Rotterdam was almost totally destroyed during WW2. Nowadays it is a modern, bustling city with amazing architecture.  It is Europe’s largest cargo port and the 10th largest port in the world.
With 75 years of reconstruction as a source of inspiration, Rotterdam celebrates the city.
It looks back on 75 years of reconstruction and looks to the city of the future with an extensive cultural program of films, exhibitions, theater, dance, city expo, routes and more. We visited the new Markethall, cube homes, the Fenix Food Factory, the amazing bike store “Crooze”, saw the slavery monument, the Erasmus Bridge and much, much more. We ended the day with a delicious seafood dinner.

We jammed so many amazing things in such a short time. Once again we visited
‘s Hertogenbosch, this time to “do the wondrous climb”.
High atop Saint John’s Cathedral stand 96 fabulous, stone, flying buttress sculptures; 16th Century mythical animals, musicians, dragons, buffoons and monsters, just like on Jheronimus Bosch’s famous paintings. 
Almost no one could see them, they were that high up…that is, until this year, the Jheronimus Bosch year. Because now you can view them up close, with your own eyes.
During “A Wondrous Climb”, you wander the gutters of St. John’s Cathedral, enjoying the sculptures and the unique, fabulous view of Bosch’s city and the Bossche Broek nature reserve. Imagine yourself in a bygone era and experience the Middle Ages up close during “A Wondrous Climb” (info: booklet “Bosch Experience”).
So we did go up, my sister and I fighting our fear of heights. But as it was a once in a lifetime experience, we braved the heights, experienced this beautiful walk on the roof between 2 rain showers. How lucky can one be?

♥And on June 3 was the wedding of Rémy and Eefje♥

Private photo link

There was just time for another day trip: A bike ride to Appeltern on a beautiful, sunny, warm day. We visited the “Tuinen van Appeltern” (Gardens of Appeltern).
My friend Joanne would have loved to visit these gardens. So Joanne, these photographs are specially for you!
Coming back to the home of my sister and brother-in-law we watched the activities of parent birds feeding their young. One was a Winterkoninkje (Eurasian Wren), the other a pair of Bonte Vliegenvangers (European pied flycatcher).





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  1. webuserbergh says:

    Mooie reportage, ik beleef het weer helemaal opnieuw. Wat goed dat je de bijzondere medemensen gekiekt hebt. Je kunt het of je kunt het niet zegt men. Wel, jij kunt het dus!

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