Harrison Hot Springs. March 23-25 2016

I am starting off with paying homage to my mom, on whose birthday we started our zigzag road of marriage, 45 years ago. A road which took us to the USA, Kuwait and Canada with side trips to places all over the world.
1966t_ZuidTirol_H&J 1971_wp
This photograph of my mother was taken 5 years before our marriage, by my dad.
(photo source: Birgit)

Now, 45 years later, we celebrated our anniversary with a couple of days at  Harrison Hot Springs, just about an hour’s drive from our place, passing through Mission, Deroche, Lake Errock, Harrison Mills and  Agassiz.
A drive via very scenic Hwy 7, even though it was in the rain.

And it kept raining that day, that night, and the next day. But with the 5 mineral pools at the hotel, 3 out- and 2 inside, we stayed cozily wet and warm. The hotel is huge, consisting of the original main building, (not really the original, as that one,constructed in 1886, was destroyed in a fire and later rebuilt), and 2 new towering wings. Total capacity is something like 1100 people. It was like a happy beehive. People everywhere, coming in, going out, in robes, in rain jackets, T-shirts and sweaters, swim suits and fancy clothes, dragging suitcases and/or kids, cups of coffee and what not.
A fire was blazing in the lobby and free tea and cakes were served at 4:00 pm every day.
We had a very comfortable room on the top floor of the main building, in the corner. This meant no walk-by or overhead noises. And imagine our surprise finding a tray with cheeses, crackers and fruit, as well as a bottle of wine in our room! With congratulations from Raj, Ailish, Priya and Neve. A good beginning of 2 wonderful, relaxing days.
We soaked in the hot pools, enjoyed relaxing meals, walked around in the rain or in between the raindrops.
We discovered the source of the hot springs, barely 10 minutes walk from the resort, protected by some old structure. We started to walk around the lagoon but the high winds send Hari back to the fireplace, while I braved rain, wind and cold and finished the walk.
The day we checked out blue patches showed in the sky and  the sun peeked through the clouds. And lo and behold, it turned out to be a gorgeous day. We took our time going back home. We did another leisurely walk along Harrison Lake where we could finally see the mountains, previously hidden by rain clouds. We walked the “Spirit Trail” just south of Harrison Hot Springs, stopped several times along the highway to photograph the majestic mountains. We had lunch at the Sasquatch Inn, definitely favoured by bikers, and serving good food. We drove to the end point of Hatzic Island where we discovered daffodils growing in a tree. Next stop: home.

It has been great! Thanks Hari ♥





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2 Responses to Harrison Hot Springs. March 23-25 2016

  1. wpuserbergh says:

    Allereerst onze felicitaties met jullie 45e trouwdag. Zeker een goed ‘excuus’ om het een paar dagen te vieren en je lekker te laten verwennen. En dat jullie genoten hebben blijkt wel uit het verslag van de trip, natuurlijk met mooie foto’s aangekleed. Op naar het volgende kroonjaar!!

  2. Dank je Leo. Inderdaad een goede gelegenheid voor een gezellig uitje. Het volgende kroonjaar? Ieder jaar is een gegeven dus een kroonjaar 🙂

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