India, February 2015 Bangalore

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On February 4 we flew from Vancouver, BC Canada to Delhi, via Amsterdam (Feb. 5)

We had about 5 hours in Delhi, in the very early morning hours, before we could board our flight to Bangalore (Feb. 6) in the state Karnataka. The name “Bangalore” represents an anglicised version of the Kannada language name, Bengalūru.

We arrived around 9:30 am at Bengaluru Airport where we were greeted by a representative of (this is a Dutch site. A google translation is not recommended. Rather, check this site to get an English version) where we had booked our South India week. After a smooth ride we were dropped off at our accommodation: Casa Piccola C ottage, a charming family hotel, where we were welcomed by the French owner, Mrs. Benjamine Oberoi.

In the evening we ventured out on foot to a recommended restaurant. Well…….in the dark, on non-existing sidewalks, potholes and obstructions galore…..this was not a success. We did find the restaurant eventually, had a fairly decent meal and went back to the hotel by auto rickshaw!

Next day we decided to rent a tuk-tuk (auto-rickshaw) for the day. We were very lucky to get Ranga, an enthusiastic rickshaw driver, who loved to show us his city. He took us to the amazing Bangalore flower market.
K R Market (Krishna Rajendra Market), also known as City Market, is the largest wholesale market dealing with commodities in Bangalore. It is named after Krishnarajendra Wodevar, a former ruler of the princely state of Mysore. The market is located in the Kalasipalya area, adjacent to the Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace, on Mysore Road at its junction with Krishnarajendra Road. It is the first locality in the whole of Asia to get electricity. It is also considered to be the largest flower market in Asia.
K R Market was established in 1928. The red and white building of the market has three floors, a basement and an underground parking. The location of the market is said to have been a battlefield in the 18th century.

Ranga also took us to the Bull Temple, Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace, Lal Bagh botanical gardens, Bangalore palace (where, to the chagrin of Ranga, they tried to charge me a lot of rupees for taking pictures of the outside of the palace from outside the gates!), the very fancy and extremely expensive UB City Mall and of course, some silk shops.

Dinner we ordered in that evening, like most of the guests did, and we enjoyed it on the patio of our cozy hotel.

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2 Responses to India, February 2015 Bangalore

  1. wpuserbergh says:

    Wat een wereld en wat een bloemenzee. Het moet er heerlijk geroken hebben. En portretten dat ons Jos kan maken, laat dat maar aan haar over. Het is een prachtige serie. Ik kijk uit naar de volgende serie!

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