India, February 2015 Mysore

February 8.

We are chauffeured by Vinod, the driver arranged for us by indiaonline’s agent here in India, from Bengaluru to Mysore. On the way we stop at a sugar-sweet painted temple with a golden statue of Ganesh.
Our hotel in Mysore is “The Green Hotel” (Chittaranjan Palace). It is one of the (apparently) 52 palaces  in Mysore, which once belonged to the Maharaja of Mysore. It is a small but beautiful palace with gorgeous gardens with outdoor seating for breakfast and dinner. The Green Hotel has been set up as a model of sustainable tourism

  • To preserve a historic building
  • To incorporate, as practicable, energy saving and environmentally aware practices
  • To use Indian craft made items in furnishing, equipment and restoration
  • To be a good employer, offering equal and fair opportunities
  • To train and develop staff potential
  • To provide visitors with the opportunity to enjoy traditional hospitality rather than modern day uniformity

All profits from the Green Hotel will be distributed to charitable and environmental projects in India

Vinod drove us to the magnificent Mysore Palace. Outside photography was permitted but inside it was strictly prohibited. Sometimes it is nice to give the camera a rest and let the eyes and brain absorb the beauty. The long line of visitors is directed one-way through the immense palace. Items that are within touching distance are protected by plexiglass, like the exquisitely carved teakwood doors. Stained glass domes, beautiful painted ceilings and enormous chandeliers made us wish for giraffe necks in order to see all that beauty a bit closer. A sedan chair of pure gold, silver chairs; what an opulence. We were both so impressed. For Hari visiting the palace had even more meaning as the Maharaja of Mysore (Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV. 1884-1940) once visited his father, Rajwar Bikram Bahadur Pal, in Askote.
Maharaja of Mysore with Raja of Askote and others_wp

After the death of the latest Maharaja, who died intestate, there was a lot of fighting going on within the family as who was to inherit the title. Last month Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar was chosen as the late Maharaja’s successor by his widow, Maharani Pramoda Devi Wadiyar.

As for all those palaces: most of them have been nationalized. Some are banks, some schools, hotels, etc.

After our visit to the Mysore Palace we drove to the Mysore market. Mostly fruit and vegetables. Lots of fun to walk through.
Mysore’s traffic is not as chaotic as in most other Indian cities. The roads are wider, and there are trees, shrubs and flowers in abundance.
As we were in Mysore on a Sunday we were lucky as at 7:00 pm Sunday evenings the whole palace is lit up. Very, very crowded of course but definitely worthwhile another visit.

We had dinner in the garden of our hotel. A candle on the table and a sky full of stars above it. Could we wish for anything more?

Tomorrow morning we are going to visit a silk factory before driving to Wayanad.




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