India February 2015 Delhi

Delhi, February 16-18

The pollution hit us as soon as we left the airport. The dirty air was hanging over the city, blanketing it in a fog-like substance. No wonder so many people wear (medical) face masks. We took the metro into the city. Our hotel (Palace Heights) was right at Connaught Place, in the heart of Delhi. We were advised to get off the Delhi Airport Metro Express (DAME) one station before the end and take an auto-rickshaw to the hotel. We would have to change trains otherwise at a very crowded center city station. This way was faster, cheaper and not crowded at all. The DAME was fast, clean, super modern and almost empty!! As suggested we got our auto-rickshaw and within no time at all we were at our hotel. We checked in, freshened up and went for a nice dinner at the adjacent restaurant “Zaffran”. Great meal. Too bad I felt a bit “out of sorts” in Delhi. Guess I needed a day of rest and no food. And yes, that did the trick. Hari went out on his own, checking out some old,  familiar places. We had some family members visiting us which was really nice. Not many photographs as I kept myself more or less room-bound. But I have seen so much of Delhi during other visits that I did’t mind the day of rest.
On the 18th, niece Neelu and her son Pushkar dropped us off at the Metro station for our train back to the airport, where we were catching an afternoon flight to Lucknow.


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