Sea Lion Safari, May 13 2014

May 13, a beautiful, sunny day. Perfect for a sea lion safari. I found out about this amazing tour in an email from Destination BC. It connected me with Steveston Eco Tours and subsequently with Bruce Livingston, the captain. We left home early so we had the chance to wander through the Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site and Steveston village, where we enjoyed a delicious Malaysian lunch on a sunny patio. A 15 minute walk over the boardwalk brought us back to the historical shipyard area where we met up with Bruce for our 3:00 pm boat tour. Bruce pointed out all kinds of interesting things along the way: birds and boats, buildings and crab traps among other things. We drifted past Garry Point Park with its Fisherman’s Memorial Needle. Eagles were looking after their young, or just having a leisurely afternoon, just like us. And then we spotted the first sea lions, and more, and more.. The noise was deafening. They bark and shout and holler. Amazing to be able so close. There were California Sea Lions and Steller Sea Lions; lots of young ones and all males. And birds! We saw Western Sandpipers, Bonaparte’s Gulls and Glaucous-winged Gulls (thank you Bruce and Joanne, for your information). We noticed a numbered sea lion and Bruce informed me later on that he came for Columbia River. After our 1 1/2 hour tour we wandered a bit more through the heritage site before heading home. What a perfect day!

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2 Responses to Sea Lion Safari, May 13 2014

  1. wpuserbergh says:

    Echt een mooie serie foto’s. Is het ook een onderdeel van onze tour, hou me aanbevolen!

  2. Dat zou wel leuk geweest zijn, maar de zeeleeuwen verdwijnen tegen ‘t eind van deze maand.
    Ze hebben nog wel andere tours. Kijk maar even op de website van Steveston Eco Tours.
    Tot over 3 weken 🙂

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