Villages along the river Maas

One nice, sunny day in May we decided to check out our “neighbourhood”, some villages nearby, along the river Maas. We had a whole list, but wandering around a few of them, enjoying the peace and quiet, as well as the nice, warm sun, we took it easy, walked, talked, enjoyed.We ended up in the village Linden. The big H. Lambertus church, built end 15th century,  was quite impressive. We would have liked to check out the inside as well as apparently there are a few very valuable pieces of art in this church, but in spite of a note stating the opening hours, everything was locked up solid. I guess the pastor had taken the day off, enjoying the beautiful weather as well. I can’t really blame him.
We ended up in the small village of St. Agatha, where we walked in the Oeffelter Meent. I don’t agree with the translation of “Meent” in the translated link (it definitely does not mean “think” in this context). “Meent” in this case refers to joint grazing meadows. We also walked a short stretch of the “Maas – and Peellinie path” where my brother-in-law spotted a meikever (May-bug or cockchafer).  St. Agatha also has a convent with a beautiful garden which is open to the public. Making our way back to the car we spotted someone shearing a sheep. This was a Shetland sheep of the “Hofseweide“.

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