France (Alsace) 2013_2

We also checked out the villages around Riquewihr. It was on a beautiful, sunny day (quite hot actually). We wandered around Hunawihr, Ribeauvillé, and Dambach la Ville.
Hunawihr features a 16th century fortified church, used today by both Catholics and Protestants. We enjoyed a lazy picnic in a corner below the (Catholic) cemetery and with a gorgeous view over the vineyards. Hunawihr also reintroduced cigognes (storks) and otters to the area. The cigogne is the symbol of Alsace.
Hunawihr is far less visited by tourists than for example Riquewihr which makes meandering through the sleepy little village very enjoyable.
Ribeauvillé a bit more touristic but still not over-visited. A trail leads up to the Vosges Mountains and to three castle ruins.
Another very pleasant little town was Dambach la Ville.

A few days later we visited Château du Haut-Kœnigsbourg, (and here I quote Rick Steves‘ France 2012) : this granddaddy of Alsatian castles, strategically situated on a rocky spur 2,500 feet above the flat Rhine plain, protected the passage between Alsace an Lorraine for centuries and provides remarkable insight into the 15th-century mountain fortresses of the Alsace region. It was a very, very cloudy day when we drove up to the castle. It was quite hidden in a thick mist, but that made for some very interesting, mystical pictures.

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2 Responses to France (Alsace) 2013_2

  1. wpuserbergh says:

    Veel kleurige gevels, andere gevels hebben weer een likje verf nodig. Maar het is wel autentiek en heeft zijn charmes. En dan de wijngaarden onder het oog van een kruisbeeld. Het is wel heel biezonder. Heel mooi vastgelegd!

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