Logs on the Fraser River

Last Tuesday (March 5) I drove home and noticed lots of cars parked on shoulder of the road. Then I noticed the huge barge on the Fraser River, loaded with logs.
I drove home, parked the car, ran inside to get my camera and ran to the wharf in the hope to catch whatever was about to happen there. In all the years (almost 10) we have lived right at the Fraser, I had never seen this before.
From the wharf I had a good view of the barge. Small boats, tug boats and others, moved around like ants on an anthill. After about 30 minutes wait, in a split second, the load of logs was dropped into the water. It went amazingly fast!
The barge straightened itself out, unburden at last, the busy little boats around it did their thing and peace was more or less restored on the river.
As I learned later, about 10,000 to 12,000 cubic meters of logs were unloaded at Northview Enterprises, located at the south end of 225th Street in Port Haney (located just beyond the wharf where I was standing). Those logs were purchased by Northview Enterprises and shipped here from northern Vancouver Island.

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3 Responses to Logs on the Fraser River

  1. wpuserbergh says:

    Wow, I remember that the logs on the Fraser River were pushed. But what I see on theses pictures is incredible! You are lucky Jos that you could make it these amazing photos.

  2. Ron says:

    Wat een geweld, Jos! Doet me denken aan ‘ de laatste nacht in twisted river’ van J Irving
    ( nog maar eens proberen want dit blog herkent mijn mailadres??)

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