From Whistler to D’Arcy

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We spent a week in what the residents in that area call Poole Creek, but it falls officially under Mount Currie. The whole area between Mount Currie and D’Arcy is basically a wilderness with here and there a few houses. If you want peace and quiet, this is the place to be. On our way we stopped at Alta Lake in Whistler, a place we have visited many times before, when  “Hostelling International” was still located there. It is now an artist-run centre, called “The Point“. The property contains some cabins, and used to house hostel staff and a few permanent families. At least one of them is permanently closed now.
At Poole Creek we lazed around, enjoyed the hot sun and the cool shadow near the creek.
Hummingbirds entertained us every evening.
One day we drove to D’Arcy, the end of the paved road. We sat on a bench, our feet dangling in the cool water of Anderson Lake, watching people load up their boats for trips to cottages, only accessible by boat or very challenging trail.
In the tiny village of D’Arcy we checked out the little church and talking to people at the one and only gas station, we learned about a small but good café on the nearby Red Barn campground. We decided to check it out and indeed: simple but very good!
Driving back we went on to a fruit farm just past Mount Currie and while returning to Poole Creek we noticed something moving in the brush on the side of the road. To be on the safe side I stopped the car. Just in time, as a bear moved onto the road, looked at us, looked behind her and moved on…followed by a young bear. What a sight! Thank goodness there was no other traffic as bears do get killed on that road. We let them pass, snapped a couple of pictures from the safety of our car, and drove on when they had reached the other side.

Too bad that too many people drive way too fast there!


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One Response to From Whistler to D’Arcy

  1. Mooie reportage zusje met unieke fotos, ik heb er van genoten!

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