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Hari left for Lucknow this morning and as my flight back to Canada wouldn’t leave until late in the evening, I had a day to kill in Delhi. I wandered around Karol Bagh, a well-known market area which I remembered from our visit in 2008.

I wandered around for hours. The temperature climbed slowly. From sweater weather to t-shirt temperature. I gave my feet a rest in a coffee shop, serving real coffee, and not the usual Nescafe. I sat there as long as I could stretch it, because the coffee was delicious, and the temperature very comfortable. When my feet could handle it again I checked out all the road-side stalls as well as a couple of department stores.

Around 3:30 pm I simply could not walk anymore. I went back to the hotel and sat in the lobby for a bit. The employees there were not very busy. They were all watching some kind of soap on TV.
I decided to leave for the airport. If I am just going to sit and wait, I might as well do it there.
A taxi was ordered and pre-paid to avoid hassle at the destination.
One last drive through Delhi. Very busy, but not as chaotic as Jaipur. Why would that be?
Arriving at the sparkling new airport terminal, I was stopped at the entrance. As my flight would not leave until a little after midnight, I could not enter the departure hall yet. I had to go to a waiting area until about 6:00 pm. That waiting area was not bad. It was just around the corner. Rows of seats, bright, clean. To use the washroom I had to take an elevator down to the arrival hall!
The halls are huge. They are so big, that they look empty! Washrooms are very clean and ultra modern. But even though taps and dryers are all automatic, there was still a lady handing people a couple of sheets of paper towel. Old habits die hard.


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4 Responses to Delhi

  1. pwtourism02 says:

    Delhi! A city I should visit someday. So which hotel did you choose to stay at Delhi?

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