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At 9:00 am we got into the car for our drive to Pushkar. Through the hustle and bustle of Jodhpur onto a quiet, divided toll road. Later a narrower road, through the occasional village, lots of cows and herds of goats. The landscape showed evidence of nearness to the desert. Stone (sandstone) is easy to come by, and even fences are made of slabs of stone. We passed several cement factories and lime plants. In under 4 hours we made it to Pushkar. Close to town the camels started showing up. Some just for transport, others on their way to the fair. Also horses, more than we ever saw anywhere in India. We checked into our hotel (this one has soap dishes in the bathroom, and toilet paper including a holder). After a late lunch we wandered down the road and within about 1/2 km we were right in the middle of camels, people, horses, more people. Stalls with all kinds of things for sale, noise, the usual chaos, but so interesting to see. We walked through the “Mela Ground”, pass the stadium to the town. We meandered through narrow streets, ending up in the Sadar Bazaar Road (very narrow, bustling street of little shops) and through one of the gates to one of the several ghats where we could see the bathers in the Pushkar Lake. You are not allowed to take pictures of the bathers, so I focused on the buildings around. Not everybody heeded this warning though. In the cyber cafe, where we checked our email, I noticed a dread-locked guy downloading his pictures. I must say they were gorgeous, taken from the water, and all of bathers! It got darker, the shopping street got busier and busier. Lots of foreigners as well. Quite a few of them “hippies”.


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