Jaipur, the city

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Jaipur: as crazy, noisy, immensely busy, as we remember from our visit in 2008. It looks as if each and every person on the road, regardless of what vehicle they are on or in, is suicidal. Motorbikes with the whole family on it, but only the driver has a helmet. Young ladies zipping through traffic on scooters; tuktuks and rickshas fighting for that last free inch. Pedestrians hopping between moving vehicles in an attempt to cross a road. We did it too. If my hair weren’t grey already, it would be now! We wandered through the old city, saw the monkeys on a rooftop, the open sewers next to the fruit sellers,the smells, the noise, the crowds. “Hi” a little boy said to me; “high five”. Of course I high-fived him and he was still grinning when he was a block away. Shopkeepers try to lure you into their little holes in the wall. Pashmina one dollar, lady! And so on. We truly enjoyed looking at all the spice shops; the tea shops with huge bales of of tea stacked up from floor to ceiling. We sniffed, we looked. We chatted with the sellers. Somewhere was a huge structure looming over the road. It was entirely constructed of bamboo poles, tied together with strips of fabric. They were in the process of taking it down. We guessed it had something to do with Diwali. We walked past the Hawa Mahal, which has a lot of small shops at its foot. The weather was overcast and was not favourable for photographing buildings. A “blikken lucht” my dad would have said. (at my second visit to the Hawa Mahal, with Ailish and Priya, a couple of days later, the weather was glorious!) After that we walked in the directions of a restaurant, at least we hoped we walked in the right direction. We met a couple who was also looking for a place to eat. After spotting a bank where we could change some more money, we saw a restaurant that someone had recommended right across the street. So we dodged traffic again and made it to the other side. A very popular place indeed. It was very busy, but we found a table..next to the Belgian couple we met earlier. Even in Jaipur it is a small world.. We had a fantastic Rajasthani tali. Afterwards we bought some Indian sweets, and loaded with those, plus some bananas we purchase earlier, we hunted for another tuktuk to take us back to our hotel. Quiet time now. It was a well-spend day. We also took one suitcase (quite full) to the hotel Mahal Khandela, where we are staying for the wedding. They had told us they could store it for us. Wonderful. One less suitcase to drag with us.


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